Craig McAllister, MD

Medical Director of Total Joint Replacement

The Everett Clinic - Edmonds


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Craig McAllister, MD

Medical Director
of Total Joint Replacement
The Everett Clinic - Edmonds



Dr. McAllister and his staff are happy to provide TeleHealth services for his patients. They are helpful for patients who prefer to consult with Dr. McAllister from the convenience and privacy of their own home, but it is important that all users understand its limitations, requirements, and shortcomings.

TeleHealth services will be limited to consultation regarding elective procedures (eg., hip and knee replacement) and for routine follow up appointments when everything is progressing as anticipated. No acute, urgent, or complex medical issues will be evaluated or seen via TeleHealth. If you are having an urgent issue, call 911. For other issues needing an in-person appointment, call 425-412-1853.

A computer, tablet, or smartphone equipped with a webcam and connected to the internet. Referral and Scheduling Process: Patients must schedule appointments at specific times on Dr. McAllister’s medical assistant will coordinate and oversee all TeleHealth visits. She will also help gather all needed information, medical records, and images.

Cyber Security and patient privacy:
Dr. McAllister utilizes the SwiftPath TeleHealth platform because of its state-of-the-art practices and encrypted platforms that help ensure your privacy. In order to help protect your privacy, please connect from a private setting using a private, password protected connection. Do not use public wireless connections. Please ensure your privacy by making sure that only you and your caregiver participate in or can hear/see your session.

TeleHealth appointments improve access to care and are very convenient. However, they are not as good as face-to-face consults. We are not able to obtain vital signs or do a complete physical exam. Subtle communications are lost, and important findings can be missed during a TeleHealth consult. To that extent, it may be preferable to see Dr. McAllister and his team in Edmonds, Washington. Feel free to call 425-412-1853 to make and appointment.

Please be sure to respond to our electronic satisfaction survey so that we can continue to improve access and quality of care for our patients.


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